No. Va.Pra.Yu  244.Va.Pra.Si

Karnataka Government Secretariat,
M. S. Building
Bangalore - 1, dated: 12-10-2001

The draft of the Karnataka Right to Information Rules, 2001 which the Government of Karnataka proposes to make in exercise of the powers conferred by section 12 of the Karnataka Right to Information Act, 2000 (Karnataka Act 28 of 2000) is hereby published as required by sub-section (1) of the said section for the information of persons likely to be affected thereby and notice is hereby given that the said draft will be taken into consideration after thirty days from the date of its publication in the official Gazette.

Any objection or suggestion which may be received by the State Government from any person with respect to the said draft before the expiry of the period specified above will be considered by the State Government. Objections and suggestions may be addressed to the Principal Secretary to Government, Department of Information, Tourism and Youth Services, M.S.Building, Dr. Ambedkar Veedhi, Bangalore 560 001.

1. Title and commencement: (1) These rules may be called the Karnataka Right to Information Rules, 2001. (2) They shall come into force on the date of their publication in the official Gazette. 2. Definitions: In these rules unless the context otherwise requires; (a) "Act" means the Karnataka Right to Information Act, 2000 (Karnataka Act 28 of 2000); (b) "Section" means a section of the Act; (c) "Form" means a form appended to these rules. 3. Manner and interval of publication of certain particulars etc., under section 3; (1) Every public authority shall publish atleast once in a year the matters specified in clause (b) of section 3. (2) It shall be obligatory on the part of every public authority to publish in the manner
specified in sub-rule (3) the important decisions and policies referred to in clause (c) of section 3 in respect of all matters including public health, education, irrigation, roads, bridges, drinking water, electricity, food distribution, public health engineering, agriculture and providing minimum wage to un-organised workers. (3) All relevant facts relating to any project scheme or activity referred to in clause (d) of section 3 shall be published; (a) by a State level public authority in at least one widely circulated news paper in the regional language; (b) by every District level public authority in a local newspaper, having wide circulation in the District, in the regional language; (c) by every Taluk Panchayat level and Gram Panchayat level public authority through distribution of pamphlets and pasting them for information in conspicuous places or on notice board in the offices of the public authority: Provided that the requirement of publication under sub-rules(2) and (3) shall not apply where publication of the same information is required to be done under any other law. 4. Procedure for supply of information: (1) Any person desirous to obtain information under the Act shall make an application to the competent authority in Form-A giving details regarding the number of documents, the date and full description of the document or order, as the case may be. He shall also specify the reasons for which the copies are required and state how the applicant is interested to obtain the copies. (2) The fees for supplying the copies of the document shall be as specified in the table below:

1. In respect of matters in A4 size paper For each Folio rupees five.
2. In case where information is
supplied in the floppy of 1.44 MB
Rupees one hundered per floppy.

(3) In the case of maps and plans etc., a reasonable fee shall, 
be fixed by the competent authority in each case depending upon the cost of labour
and material required to be employed. (4) The competent authority shall, within three days from the date of receipt of the
application under sub-rule(1) indicate the copying fees on the application and the
applicant shall remit the fees to the competent authority through postal order or
court fee stamps. On payment of such fee, the competent authority shall inform the
applicant the date on which the copy requested for would be ready. (5) The date of receipt of the application as mentioned in sub-section(2) of section 5
would be the date of receipt of fee by the competent authority under sub-rule(4). 5. Appeals: (1) An appeal under sub - section(1) of section 7 shall lie to an authority immediately
superior to the competent authority. (2) Every such appeal shall be accompanied by a copy of the order appealed against and
it shall specify: (a) the name and address of the appellant and the particulars regarding the competent authority; (b) the date of receipt of order, if any, of the competent authority appealed against; (c) the grounds of appeal; (d) the relief which the applicant claims. FORM _ A (see rule 4) 1) Full name of the applicant : 2) Address and Nationality : 3) Number of the Documents : 4) Date and full description of the document or order. 5) Reasons for which copies are required and how the applicant is interested in obtaining copies. Receipt No Date. Place: Date: Signature of the applicant. BY ORDER AND IN THE NAME OF THE GOVERNOR OF KARNATAKA, (K.V.PRASAD) UNDER SECRETARY TO GOVERNMENT, INFORMATION,TOURISM AND YOUTH SERVICES DEPARTMENT. Note: Last date for filing objections extended upto 25-11-2001