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Apart from the classical tradition of our music it was felt that the romantic poetry of our modern poets deserved a new style of music. In this form of music, the word, the meaning & the mood it conveys & its literary import are of primary importance. Thus poetry is delivered in an attractive casing woven in sweet melody. Casing has to be simple, elegant & should concentrate to echo bhava embellished in the song. We see poetry marrying music one side & music trying to evoke the meaning & literary content. The late Balappa Hukkeri, a great ballad singer started singing exquisite poetry of Bendre and other poets and charmed crowds who followed him wherever he sang. He composed number of songs in appropriate folk style and almost cast a hypnotic spell on the listeners. He was called the "Sardar of Thousand Songs". He can be rightly called the pioneer of this music.

It was P.Kallinga Rao in southern parts of Karnataka who's tunes and had tremendous evocative charms. His dulcet voice, the meaningful pauses he employed to make the meaning sink in to you, are memorable. He is indeed the father figure of this new mode called 'Sugama Saneetha' or 'Bhavageeta'.

We have a number of talented singers of this variety now a days who are bringing to light lovely poems of our great poets and even poets now take trouble to sit with the singer to discuss and fix the tunes appropriately. Smt. H.R.Leelavathy, Rathnamala Prakash, Malati Sharma, Kasturi Shankar, Manjula Gururaj, B.K.Sumitra, Shyamala Jahagirdar, B.R. Chaya, Usha Ganesh are some female singers whose voices are familiar to most Kannadigas. Likewise Anantha Swamy, C. Aswath, Shimoga Subbanna, Yashwanta Halabandi and many more talented singers are doing yeoman service to Kannada literary heritage by bringing ethereal poetry of our great poets beginning from Purandhara Dasa and Sashinal Sharifa to the later day poets like Kailasam, B.M. Sree, Puttappa, Bendre, Lakshmi Narayana Bhatta, Adiga, M.V. Seetaramaiah, G.S. Shivarudrappa and many others.

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